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How to Take Kratom Powder

Are you interested in learning how to use powdered kratom to achieve your personal wellness goals? From enjoying it on an occasional basis to making it a part of your everyday routine, there are many ways to incorporate kratom into your lifestyle.


In this guide, we’re explaining how to consume kratom powder in a way that fits your needs, preferences, and goals.


What is Kratom?

Kratom is a widely popular herbal extract that is made from the leaves of an evergreen tree, known as Mitragyna speciosa. The tree is native to Southeast Asia and has been a part of cultural traditions for quite some time.


Many people report experiencing increased energy, improved mood, and reduced pain after consuming kratom.

What Does Kratom Powder Taste Like?

Much like the flavor of tea leaves, kratom is often described as having a strong, herbal, and bitter taste. For some, it is an acquired taste; others choose to mix it into foods or drinks to tone down the flavor.


There are flavored kratom powders available, including 28 options from KRATOMADE. These flavored powdered kratom options are the perfect alternative for consumers that want to make kratom more palatable.


Benefits of Using Kratom Powder

The extract might be too powerful for individuals who want to enjoy what kratom offers. So, the powdered form of kratom can be a useful alternative.


New and experienced kratom consumers alike can easily experiment with serving sizes, incorporating the powder into their choice of food or drink. And because it’s extremely versatile, this form makes it simple to switch up your preferred methods for taking kratom powder.


How to Use Kratom Powder

When it comes to the topic of kratom powder, how to take it is usually one of the first questions to tackle. But before you can start thinking about how to drink kratom powder, you should determine your kratom serving size


How Much Kratom Should I Take?

Using a food scale, specifically one that can measure down to one milligram is the ideal way to get a precise amount of kratom powder.


Our line of Kratom extracts is defined by the percentage of Mitragynine concentration. Mitragynine is the main alkaloid in kratom and is the reason for how kratom works in the body as an “entourage effect” with the other alkaloids.


That being said, the Mitragynine content is about 1.3% in well-cultivated natural Kratom leaves. A relatively mild serving of natural Kratom powder is about 2-4 grams. For our product, 4 grams (4,000mg) of natural kratom is equivalent to about 52mg of Mitragynine (4,000mg x 1.3%).


We suggest for 10% full spectrum extract to consume 520mg (52mg / 10%), for 50% full spectrum extract 104mg (52mg of Mitragynine / 50%), and for 75% of high-purity extract a serving size of 70mg (52mg / 75%). All these serving sizes have a maximum of two servings in 24 hours.


For our Kratomade line, one sachet consists of 3.5 grams of powder (200mg of 50% full-spectrum kratom extract or 100mg of Mitragynine), about two full-size servings. Simply put, 1.75 grams of our Kratomade powder is the equivalent of about 4 grams of natural kratom powder, 0.87 grams equal to 2 grams, and 0.45 grams equal to 1 gram.



How Do You Take Kratom Powder?

Now, let’s cover how to consume kratom powder. You have several different methods to choose from, and we suggest trying a few ways to see which one you prefer.


“Toss and Wash”

Nicknamed the “toss and wash” method, this approach is one of the more popular options in the kratom community.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Measure out your target serving size of kratom powder.
  2. Carefully “toss” the powder into the back of your throat.
  3. Quickly follow it with a large sip of a non-carbonated beverage.
  4. If desired, swish the beverage around your mouth to combine with the powder.


This quick and ultra-basic method is often preferred by experienced consumers, especially those hoping to bypass their taste buds. But for others, the texture of the powder can be difficult to swallow without coughing. The first time you attempt this method, consider splitting the powder into two smaller servings.


Mixed into Smoothies and Other Beverages

Powdered kratom can be tricky to mix effectively into certain beverages, so experimentation is key. Blending it into a smoothie can be an excellent option because it mixes into the smoothie much like a protein powder. Or, if you’re craving something extra-sweet, you can blend kratom powder into a milkshake.


Alternatively, you can use kratom powder to make tea. Create “kratom tea” by mixing the powder into 8 ounces of boiling water, stirring thoroughly. Then, add your favorite sweetener (honey, Stevia, or agave). Kratom powder can also be added to hot coffee.


Adding Kratom to Food

Another way to consume powdered kratom is to mix it into foods such as yogurt, oatmeal, or applesauce. If you find the taste to be too strong, a few drops of lemon juice or honey can help make it less noticeable. Pairing kratom with chocolate can also help offset its naturally bitter taste.


Cooking or baking kratom powder can potentially reduce its strength, so keep that in mind during your kitchen experimentations. Also, the texture of kratom powder might not be ideal for all foods. So, try mixing in just a small amount of powder first to see if you’re satisfied with the outcome.


Kratom Capsules

Capsules are a hassle-free, straightforward option for taking kratom, especially if you plan to incorporate it into your routine. You can easily learn how to make kratom capsules at home using an at-home capsule machine that can be affordably purchased online.


For individuals who prefer the capsule form of kratom powder, setting aside a few hours, as needed, is a great way to prepare kratom for an entire month.


Where to Get Kratom Powder to Support Your Lifestyle Goals

So, what is the best way to take kratom powder? First and foremost, you’ll want to start with a high-quality powdered kratom from a reputable retailer you can trust.


Our products are sourced from the original Legendary Maeng Da™ Kratom Plant, an industry-leading variety that delivers the ultimate quality. Then, our innovative extraction process and molecular science strategies combine to produce a standardized kratom extract that will exceed your expectations.


But now, we’ve taken it one step further: we partnered with an experienced commercial flavor designer to transform the often bitter taste of traditional kratom, offering more than two dozen flavor options. With KRATOMADE, your daily wellness routine will get a delicious upgrade – and you’ll look forward to enjoying your favorite kratom beverage. Whether it’s Wild Mountain Blueberry, Iced Tea Lemon Spritz, Mojito Madness, or another of the 28 kratom flavors that appeal to you, there’s a KRATOMADE made for you.


No more trying to figure out how to take kratom powder without the bad taste; KRATOMADE is the perfect solution.


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