The magic behind K-Labs latest innovation—Kratomade™

Arguably the biggest innovation to hit the kratom industry since 2003

The ‘secret’ high-tech lab behind a whirl-wind of Kratom innovations brought to the market, over the past decade, just announced a radical new extract that could very well change the Kratom industry—for good.

‍Kratom.com & K-LAB™ made history when the partners introduced commercial kratom powder to the U.S. in 2003. Innovators of the coveted Maeng Da™ and Bali Premium™, still considered the No. 1 and No. 2 powder names in the industry today—by popular consumer choice. However, that all might soon mean nothing compared to their latest innovation called; Kratomade™. “It’s been a work-in-the-making for nearly a decade”, says Duncan Macrae (founder of Kratom.com). “We first began to witness how powerful kratom extracts could be in 2012, following our first Full Spectrum Kratom extract reveal—the race was on!” This was the true beginning of our science & engineering journey with Kratom. From this period forward it was all about the alkaloid purity. We reached a critical turning point with our efforts [circa 2015] that allowed us to explore solubility with Mitragynine, effectively bringing us to where we are today—the unlocking of kratom’s full potential. Naturally, one of the most recurring questions is how we were able to attain water solubility. In earnest, it’s a complicated process, but stay tuned, everything is revealed in good time. This latest innovation opens a world of possibilities. We welcome you to join us for the opportunities that lay ahead. Reach out at shop@kratom.com or info@kratom.com – or learn more about Partnering with Kratom.com

How is Kratomade™ made?


step one


Kratomade™ starts with the original (Kratom.com) Legendary Maeng Da™ Kratom Plant – the industry’s favorite.

step two


Secret (Proprietary K-LAB™) alkaloid extraction process separates ‘The Magic’ from the plant—10 Years in the making.

step three


Kratomade™ is the result of a decades worth of molecular science, engineering and stead-fast innovation.

A decades worth of engineering—Duncan Macrae realized shortly after he first introduced kratom powder to the commercial world that the future was all about purity, expressly—Mitragynine. From this point forward, the race was on!

The evolution from our first successful full spectrum extract (nearly a decade ago) ultimately catapulted Kratom.com (and the K-LAB™) to the top of the Kratom world market as the ‘go-to’ manufactures for the industry’s premiere extracts. One innovation followed another, ultimately paving the way for our latest creation; Kratomade™ the first H20 soluble extract that combines convenience, exotic flavoring and portability— minus the bitter Kratom taste.

Imagine all the reasons you love Kratom. Now imagine NONE of the bitterness and 24 flavors to choose from!


Our Secret Weapon

Five months and one of Europe’s top commercial flavor designers brought together under one roof.

It isn’t easy to come up with exotic fruit flavors that actually match their intended name-sake. In fact, what sounds like a simple effort, required hours-upon-hours of testing and experimenting with the guidance of a well recognized consumables ‘Flavor Lab’. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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24 HUGE Flavors Designed Exclusively for Kratomade

Once we hit the magic process—it opened a world of difference in how Kratom can be enjoyed. or infused in endless commercial applications. All enquires are welcome—feel free to email or call anytime for to learn more.

Indeed, big things do come in small packages



Five months of testing and flavor building all jammed into these tiny little sticks!

Seemed impossible—but wait ’till you taste them for yourself. We think you’ll agree; no one flavor is better than another. Each is uniquely satisfying, but quite different. There’s plenty of flavor to go around with 2 servings per stick—invite a friend and let us know what your favorite flavors are!



Arguably the biggest innovation to hit the kratom market since 2003.


2001—The Discovery
Duncan Macrae discovers kratom trees growing in Borneo, Indonesia. First samples are sent out to hand selected ethnobotanical suppliers in the U.S.

2003-’04—Maeng Da & Bali Premium Introduced –
Commercial Kratom starts to appear online in the United States, UK and Canada among a small network of partner suppliers.

2012 – 2014—Kratom.com (& K-Lab) begins pioneering efforts with the first Full Spectrum Extracts.

Finances and R&D resources are focused on leading innovation, while new sights are set on achieving the highest-quality extracts.



45% Extract Comes to Life
Kratom.com develops unique method for extracting only the pure whole alkaloid fraction from RAW kratom leaf—another first in the industry. Instant success is realized with a new 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

Large liquid kratom shot manufacturer uses Kratom.com extracts as their base.

2014-2018—80% Mitragynine is achieved enabling much higher purity levels with liquids, tablets, capsules
Kratom.com, continues innovating both powder and liquid extracts reaching a new and untapped purity level of 80% Mitragynine – while sealing their place in the industry as the top quality extract producer.



2019—’Black Pearl’ | New Innovations take us to 90%+ Mitragynine Purity
In early 2019, Kratom.com breaks through the 90% Mitragynine purity level with a 95% Mitragynine Pure Alkaloid Extract.

2020—’White Pearl’ | to 99%+ Purity Achieved.
By late 2019, Kratom.com, against all odds, tests and records the highest ever purity yield at 99.7%

2020—Kratom.com Pioneers Salt-Based Extracts.
The NEW SB—Extracts provide zero residual solvents and increased purity across it’s full line of products.

2021—Kratomade is revealed
as the first fully-water-soluable kratom extract. Kratom.com’s K-LAb team works with one of the industry’s top consumer goods flavor engineering companies to produce our first 24 Exotic Fruity Flavors


Kratomade™ “Mixology Contest”—coming soon. send us your best!

One thing Kratomade™ isn’t lacking is flavor. In fact, they’re paired so close to their given fruity flavors that we just couldn’t resist the idea of creating a ‘Customer Cocktail’ page. Let’s have some fun with it—get creative! Share your favorite Kratomade™ Cocktail Mixers with us. We plan to award a winner and prize each month!

Party Time!

24 Flavors
101 ways to mix it up!

When we decided to invest 5 months into engineering 24 exotic fruity flavors, you can bet we anticipated that Kratomade might turn up as a party mix favorite. That said, we’d love see what Kratomade creation you come up with! Behind each flavor is the opportunity to mix and blend new creations.
We invite you to take it to the next level—mix and blend away and you might end-up in the history books (or at least on our Customer Kratomade Mixology Page – where we’ll feature all of our favorite recipes along with a new winner each month

Get a little wild—let’s have some fun!

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