It's high-time ye Capt'n
your own vessel swappy


Ahoy mateys! It's all about timing— there couldn't be a better time to come onboard with; as a vendor, distributor, store-front retailer, or as an individual customer—so much is happening.

For the past several years we've been investing in Africa, with over a million-and-a-half Kratom trees planted and doing well—providing for; learning opportunities, industry growth and ushering in new Kratom innovations - well into the future!

A wee bit of history— It's been a long while since first introduce commercial Kratom (Maeng Da™ & Bali Premium™) to the U.S., UK and Canada—so you might be wondering; what have we been up over the past 2 decades? Fair enough chaps ...

The word's out, Kratomade™ has hit the market! It's been a fierce past two years with engineering, production and the reveal of Kratomade. Along with a few other minor undertakings; a 7-tiered vendor/partner program (WIP)—could be a real game changer, as well as organizing and orchestrating the development of three entirely new websites (please pardon the mess - we're still going at it).
Hunting Pearls Lads—Ongoing efforts have included working with our innovation team (K-Lab™) while investing heavily in the science and technology side of Kratom extracts. In 2014 we leveled the 45% Full-Spectrum barrier, pretty exciting stuff at that time. However, over the past several years we reached one of our greatest goals; we finally produced an extract (the first of its kind) that measures at 100% pure mitragynine—the mighty 'Pearl™' extract—a Pharma-grade extract designed expressly for commercial enterprises.

Join the 'Old Salts'—Come on board Lasses, we're turning a new page with a focus on industry transparency, safety, and absolutely no compromises with quality—guaranteed! As a Vendor / Partner, you have an open door to the industry's finest kratom products, from Kratomade™ to our own grown and harvested powders, and of course, a collection of extracts designed around your business needs. Learn more about our Partners Program and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions ye might have!

Yours Truly,
—Duncan Macrae

"Ahoy Matey's,
The ship has set sail,
but it's non-too-late
to join the crew!

Become an Early-bird Kratomade Partner

Kratomade™ Vendors

As we begin to roll out Kratomade™ in 2022, we'll be looking for new vendors to represent and handle sales throughout the U.S. market. If you're interested reach out to us:

Supply Chain Patners

We're offering big opportunities for distributors and suppliers in a wide variety of the popular consumer beverage markets - throughout North America. Let's get rolling!

Retail Location Vendors

There's been a lot of talk lately of Kratomade™ becoming the next big multipurpose beverage (learn why here). We're looking for retail space across the nation, interested?

When it comes to
'Customer Loyalty'
—Quality Matters

Kratomade™ affords you the opportunity to sell your customers a sip’able life-style. But regardless of the products you choose to carry, you can rest assured that with, our dedication to QUALITY will alway stand the test of time. 

We’ve got your back!

We're looking for a few good Kratomade captains

There's a good chance that we're looking to sail a ship in your region!

We’re opening new doors to Kratom Vendors who are looking for exceptional top-of-the industry products.  Vendors who aren’t willing to compromise. Vendors seeking genuine, sincere customer service, with consistent expectations. If this is you, then we want you. Let's have a chat about your region.

two decades of innovating

Legendary Products

Home of the Original Maeng Da™ & Bali Premium™- Alway innovating. Always striving for the tomorrow.

There will always be imitators, but for the original legendary products, from powders to extracts, you need only make one stop. Join today as a Vendor—we've got you covered.

two decades of Hassle free service

One stop shopping

Who's handling your Kratom? is a fully self-sustaining company. From start to finish; cultivating, planting, growing, harvesting, processing—everything under one ‘roof’. From our headquarters in Bali to our world-wide distributors, to your destination—hassle free.

From seed to package, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered! 

We'll be here every step of the way

Scale Up as you grow

Start small— grow fast.

As a vendor partner with you’re opening the door to every Kratom product you need, or want, today—or tomorrow.

From your first Kratom product and beyond, we’ll be here every step of the way, regardless of whether you want to stay small, or go big. can help set up a package that can grow with your goals - from budgeting, to marketing, inventory and beyond—we’ve got you covered! 


Innovation leaders

Yesterday, today, tomorrow— will always be striving for the best

We’ve covered some hefty ground these past several years—but there’s still so much to do! Things coming from our ‘Partner’ program include; a global ‘Vendor Locator’ Map, Feature Vendor Stories, On-line Partner Promotional opportunities, 7-Tiered Vendor Program, Vendor Support Tools (a fully downloadable repository of professional Fliers, Hand-outs, Posters, Email Marketing Templates and Branding assets for our members—we’ve got you covered!

don't get left behind,
the ship must sail!
Join today.

Have it all, including peace of mind.
You’ll have access to the world’s  finest kratom products, from powders to extracts - and two decades worth of kratom innovations - including our latest super star—Kratomade. As a Vendor-Partner you’ll have access to all of the products that mean any thing at all in this industry. Don’t sweat the little things—we’ve got you. 

Scale your company as you grow — you’re success is our success.
Start at any level and grow at your speed. With’s 360 Degree service and our new 7-Tiered Partner Program, you can start with just one product or one-hundred produts—choose what fits your business model. We’ll be here every step of the way to help you reach your goals and succeed at every level—at your own pace. If you succeed, we succeed.

Let us handle the heavy lifting.
As a vendor partner with you’ll have everything you need in your marketing ‘tool box’, at each level, to promote and  grow your business. We’ll provide the marketing tools to help you promote your business so you can focus on what’s most important —customer service and building lasting relationships.

Quality control and product safety - all under a single roof.
By parthering with, you’re partnering with the oldest commercial Kratom company in the industry—we bring 20+ years of Kratom innovation, safety, quality and conections to the table. You can rest assured that we’re always bringing our best so you can focus on yours. 

Join and let us worry about the messy stuff soye can focus on what matters!

Oy'—Let's start here

Let's do a bit of a Discovery Session

No obligations— just tell us what you're looking for in your Kratom Partner.
100% Confidential—we promise the information you provide will never be shared with anyone other than (and just a very few members on our team who evaluate if we're a good fit for you and to be fair—you for us.

We absolutely, will not, (under ANY circumstances), share ANY of the information that you provide below. Nor will we use this information to spam you. Your response will allow us to evaluate whether (or not) we can provide value for your needs with the full intention of offering the following; 1—Better wholesale pricing + Better service + Better quality + Potential growth opportunities.

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Tell us a little about yourself starting with how you wish to work with
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For those of you ready to join today—drop us a quick note!
Let's talk about what your business needs are today and perhaps what you might be hoping for in into the future. Hit the button below and share a little information about your current status (for example; are you getting started? Or are you already a vendor or distributor—but looking for a better solution. Feel free to leave us your phone number and we'll give you a call at your convenience. Please note, everything that is communicated between you and us will be help completely confidential. Thank you for your interest—we're looking forward to helping you!

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Kratomade is a product owned and produced by our parent company We are the original and first commercial supplier of Kratom to the USA, Europe and Canada. If you're interested in becoming part of our supply chain for North America, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


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